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Taipei Municipal Song Shan Senior High School
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 The School Mottos
- The principles of running the school

To harmonize the school by means of ethics
To set up the system on the basis of democracy
To promote the efficiency in a scientific way
To develop character through the enforcement of honor
To stimulate one’s potential by responsibility
To beautify life by means of service

The policy to develop the school
To hang on to the goal
To provide education for all people without discrimination
To grow up healthily
To learn happily
To pursue the excellence

The guidance of running the school affairs
To systemize the administration
To look at the project in advance
To democratize the procedure
To be scientific in the method
To effectuate the task

Brief History of This School
  The former body of the school, Taipei Municipal Song Shan Junior Middle School was established in August, 1958, As the government implemented nine-year compulsory education in August, 1968, It was renamed as Song Shan Junior High School, in coordination with the policy to set up more senior high schools, the preparatory office of Song Shan Junior High School was founded in July, 1987. On October 1st. 1987, Mr. Liu Yu-Chun, principal of Song Shan Commercial Vocational School, was appointed as the concurrent director of the office. In July, 1988, Mr. Yeh Wun Tang was appointed as the director of the preparatory office and principal of Song Shan Junior High School as well. In July, 1989, the school was reorganized as a senior high school.
  Mr. Yeh Wun-Tang headed the school, and the first batch of the students were admitted to the school by passing the entrance examination. In August, 1996, Mr. Yen was transferred to Taipei Municipal Nehhu Senior High School. In August, 1999, Mr. Chung Ming-Chang, who succeeded to Mr. Chen, took office in August, 2003, Mr. Lin Shi-De, who succeeded to Mr. Chung, took office. Mr. Lin will lead the school to a brand-new milestone.

Put the whole-people education into practice, so that the students will be the youth of balanced development in moral, physical, intellectual, civic and aesthetic education and the youth of optimism and confidence.
Strengthen democracy education to cultivate those qualities of a modern citizen.
Upgrade humanity and nature science education and lay the foundation to do the research of profound knowledge and to strengthen special intellect and wisdom.
Implement equal education for both sexes by means of coeducation.
Practice the system of honor to form sound character.
Offer students various scholastic activities to enrich the field of learning.

Discipline and Guidance
Give education in life to the full, so the students will form a good habit in everyday life. Cultivate a proper sense of honor, so that the students will be law-abiding and good students.
Promote the ability to discipline themselves and enhance the cadre training through various kinds of activities. Hold different activities o their own with the help of the students’ government.
Spring up a variety of clubs so that the students can start their own clubs on the strength of their interests and wishes.
Besides their regular activities, we will help them to serve people.

General Activities
Fully support teaching and disciplined activities and enhance teaching efficiency so that we raise the educational quality.
Speed up to beautify and green the school campus so we can influence the students physically and mentally. As a result, we will create a pleasant atmosphere for studying.
Install the teaching equipment both in software and hardware; take full responsibility to manage school property so that we can exercise the function of it.
Launch out into the campaign of environmental protection with a view to performing the idea of saving energy and of treasuring resources.

Guidance Service
Counseling services are geared to help the students become aware of their abilities, attitudes, and interests as well a to provide assistance in discussing self-awareness and self0esteem, adjusting to social structure.
The counselors help improve the students’ psychological health and adjustment in the learning and living environments so that they can identify their own values and develop their potentialities to the full.
We emphasize that prevention comes before cure. Pay more attention to the guidance of life, education, and career so that students are well developed physically and mentally.

Special Education
We design individualized educational program (IEP) for both talented and disable students to put appropriate education into practice.
Those with impairments will be offered academic and themselves into the general class. We bring out their efficiency in learning and abilities to get adapted to the social life.
Besides, we set up a special class for those excellent in physical education. He who plays basketball well or is good at swimming can apply for admission to our school. Under proper training, they will be the star players in the future.

To meet the needs of teaching, we enlarge our library resource and we intensively provide reference and information service.
We offer the students library research guidance so that they are qualified to use the library and to study on their own.
The library is computerized; we train students to use Internet for checking information and to cultivate their abilities to use the library.
During festivals and school activities, the library will hole exhibitions and various related competitions.

Address: No.156, Sec. 1, Keelung Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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